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Here you will find frequently asked questions about our Gold Stryker® products:

Q) What is difference in the 3models of the Gold Stryker system that you manufacture?


A) The 3 models we offer:


1. GS-4000HV - Heavy duty model with (8) 1/2" impact hammers,1 inch bearings and axle with a 13 HP Honda engine. Will process 3.5 inch rock.

2. GS-5000HD - Extreme duty double sized model with (14) 5/8" impact hammers, 1.5 inch bearings and driveshaft with a HP Honda engine. Will process 4.5 inch rock. ( 2 times the size of the GS 4000HV unit)

3. GS-7000 - Super Extreme duty model with (16) 1" impact hammers, 1.75 inch bearings and driveshaft with a 25 HP V-Twin Industrial Honda engine. Will process 6 inch rock. ( 4 times the size of the GS 4000HV unit & 2 times the size of the GS 5000HD unit)

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Q) How come I see cheaper impact mills on the market than your Gold Stryker units?


A) We only build high quality industrial impact mills. We don't offer any low quality E-BAY type (made in China) units. If you only need it for a small amount of rock to process , It may last long enough for that. For the price that you pay for these low quality units, you will get what you pay for ( See


Q) I noticed in the video of the Gold Stryker 4000, it has several 5 gallon buckets connected to it that the crushed rock material falls into and there is a shop-vac hooked up to. Is it necessary to use a vacuum at the end of your buckets?


A) You don't have to use a vacuum connected to the last 5 gallon bucket , but it will make the material come out faster and also it will keep the dust down ( crushing rocks will make some real dust ! ) You will want a vacuum. If not you will loose gold!


Q) How long do the impact hammers last in the Gold Stryker units?


A) It depends on the material being crushed and also the size of it. The average lifespan of our new tool steel impact hammers are about 150-225 hours of use. They are easily replaced or can be hard face re-welded to extend their life.

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Q) Can I grind up computer ram chips ( with gold on them) with the Gold Stryker units? What else can be ground up in the Gold Stryker units?


A) Yes we have a lot of customers that use our machines to grind up different things. We have customers that grind conch sea shells, macadamian nut shells, fertilizer, dirt and others. It also works great on computer PC boards as the chips are a lot easier to break than rocks.


Q) Can I come in person and pick up the Gold Stryker unit at your facility?


A) Yes. And we also give a 3-5% discount for customers that pick up at our facility. Call for details.